Keep It Simple!

It’s getting closer to move date. My fiancée and I have created a large list of things we need to do before going. Change addresses, cancel utilities, and notify people we care about of our move.

While there’s a lot of excitement, I cannot help but be a little overwhelmed. Every time I try to fix what should be a simple “hey, this is our new address” or “we need to cancel service x”, we seem to be met with another task! I just want to cancel my service! I don’t want to do homework! We tried getting a PO Box for to forward mail to two weeks ago, and we STILL do not have a resolution!

Then comes Time Warner Cable. I gave them a call, and ask them the process. “All you have to do is come in, drop your box, modem, remote and plugs off, give us a forwarding address and we will prorate your account and cancel it.”

Wow. So you are telling me is my expectation is the reality? In amidst of all the hard work I have to do, Time Warner decided to help me out with a very simple, easy to understand process, AND give me back money for the time I don’t use the service.

Simplicity is key in a world filled with complex problems and processes. By just keeping it simple, you can hold onto a customer, draw one in, or have one leave on good terms.