Where’s my iTablet!

Disclaimer:  I am not an Apple hater:  I’ve owned two Apple laptops, a 3rd generation iPod, and two iPhones, and loved each and every device.

I’ll admit, when the rumor mill started about the Apple tablet (you know, like years ago) I was excited.  I have always wanted a tablet:  I’ve always wanted a device smaller than my work laptop, where I can take to meetings or on the road with me where I can jot down notes, perform simple tasks such as email and surf the web, and look at documents if need be.

I have two device types current which I depend on throughout my entire day:  my iPhone, which is a quick reference guide to my life and any information I may need no matter where I am, and my laptop, which is where I conduct business.

What is missing, from an organizational standpoint, is a middle ground.  The iPhone is just too slow for me to jot down notes throughout the day, and voice recording is sometimes impossible.   My computer is not always next to me and when it is, sometimes it’s not in a state where I can easily access the information I need or where I can jot down notes.

For years I’ve thought that the tablet PC was the answer to this problem.  The concept of flipping the monitor around and hand writing notes and diagrams has always appealed to me.  However, I was never really comfortable with the price, especially when most of the tablets had Microsoft Windows on them (nothing against it, I just felt the computers were underpowered to handle a full OS)

Fast forward to this year, where I was practically PROMISED an Apple tablet.  I own a Macbook Pro, and love how quickly I go from opening the lid to using the computer.  I love the interface, the usability.  It’s clean, usable and all in all fun. If it had tablet functionality, I’d be all set!  Finally the announcement came, and we were presented the iPad.  I guess the device is cool and has its uses, but there’s one problem:


Aside from my opinions of the device itself (ahem, iTouch XL), it’s missing key components which make a tablet PC great:  stylus functionality and multitasking.  The operating system should have been a slightly stripped down version of OS X, and not a beefed up version of the iPhone OS.

Am I asking for too much from Apple?  I don’t think so, because I, like the rest of the world was anticipating a tablet.  An Apple tablet would have been awesome.  Knowing Apple, they would have refined the handwriting detection, it would be a dream to use, and I would be excited to get my hands on one.

I guess I will have to wait for that day to come… I will NOT be getting an iPad.  Sorry Apple.