About Me

Yeah, my hair isn’t combed.

My name is Matthew Doyle.  I am an IT professional which a large focus on .NET development.  Currently I work from home in Smithtown, NY and I’m the Lead Solutions Architect/Lead Developer/Scrum Master for Brand Integrity. This blog, its contents and opinions are my own.

My job allows me to wear many hats.  In my tenure at Brand Integrity, I’ve implemented and designed the scrum process for our team, created code guidelines and perform code reviews.  I also handle the more complex technical support requests.

When I am not working on my day job, I like to play video games.  I have a wide range of likes which makes it a very expensive habit, but I generally like RPG type games. I also like music and have a wide range of tastes, and I sing in a folk group for a local church.

For my professional development, I like to read a lot of blogs and articles of all different shapes and sizes.  I also try my best to read books, but there’s just something really satisfying in finishing a bunch of articles.  I go through a lot of blogs, but I’d say a top few are Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen, Harvard Business Review, and Ask a Manager.  One day, I’ll probably blog my top 20 or even 50.

If you have any questions about me, let me know! My email is matt@matthewdoyle.net


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