New happenings

Just figured I’d post quick since I haven’t in a while and I wanted to ‘touch base’ with my blog:

  • I have finally moved to Long Island and am working remotely full time.  It’s a weird experience, but not one I hate, at least not yet.
  • The weather down here has been very nice, and where I am living is beautiful.  I’ve also enjoyed watching the Mets both make me happy and break my heart.
  • I am getting an iPad.  Remember my previous post, Where’s my iTablet? Yeah, I played with the gadget in the Apple store and was very impressed with it.  Also, the announcements of the Courier and the Slate being canned basically made this decision pretty easy.  I still want a pen, I still want something I can use next to my desk to jot quick scribbles down (and not with my finger) but I believe iPad experience will be awesome and I cannot wait until I get it.  Apple wins, yet again.
  • That personal website is on hiatus until I get a big chunk of time to work on it.  I cannot wait until it’s done however, it’s my first Django application.